More Than a Farmers Market

I’m so excited because it has finally gotten out of the 90s and has been in the 70s (actual fall weather). Last weekend was the start of cooler temps, which meant it was a time for a trip to get more pumpkins.

I’m always a fan of stopping by pumpkin stands, but during a lazy weekend when I have more time, going to the farmers market to get pumpkins is a must.

Located in Raleigh near the NCSU campus is the State Farmers Market. During spring/summer, they have the prettiest flowers and produce. But nothing beats the farmers market in the fall.


One whole section is dedicated to just mums and pumpkins and they’re gorgeous! There’s so many different kinds of pumpkins that make you want to buy all of them to decorate your whole house with, carve, and make pumpkin pie out of.


Another reason why I love going to the farmers market in the fall is for fresh mountain apples, honey, jam, and molasses. Where I’m originally from in the NC mountains (read a previous blog post, Back to My Roots , to get more familiar with where I grew up), molasses was a big deal and I would watch the neighbors make it.

My uncle who lives in the mountains, had a couple apple trees and when the apples were ready, we would pick them off the tree or get the best looking ones that were already on the ground. Waking up in the mountains with biscuits and fresh honey or molasses and having apples as a snack or to make a pie out of is one of the best things.


Walking through the farmers market and seeing those fresh mountain apples, honey, jam, and molasses made me crave being back in the mountains. The farmers market served me a little dose of where I grew up.

So, if you happen to live anywhere around a farmers market, take a day to relax and enjoy all the fall things that make you think of home.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx

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