Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s is here AND it’s the weekend! Bring on the clearance chocolate and movies!

Last year I celebrated Galentine’s with some of my friends in college while we drank boxed wine, ordered wings, made chocolate covered strawberries and watched chick flicks. Those were fun memories, but this Valentine’s weekend is more chill. I am taking a trip to the brewery later though 😉

I’ve been busy focusing on life after college (which will come in only a couple of months!) so I’m making time for downtime. Which leads me to my next point…

I feel like I’m really embracing myself and the stage of life I’m in. I was literally just having a conversation with my mom the other day about how I feel the most content now than I have ever felt before. I work my bum off to reach my goals, try to take every failure or roadblock as a lesson and take time to appreciate everything I have.

This year has really proven that everything happens for a reason and to trust the process. And for me to say that is huge because I’m the type that typically stresses over every little thing that I’m not in control of. Now I just feel free to do whatever I want to do without anything holding me back and being open to every opportunity that comes my way. I have been learning, growing and doing what makes me happy that would also benefit me.

With all of this being said, this Valentine’s day I’m celebrating me for working towards my future every day, while also being content and more happy than I have been during past Valentine’s Days.

Cheers to all the boss babes who are putting in work everyday to create a better life, whether it be personal life or work life. This weekend is all about celebrating you because you deserve it ❤

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Until next time,

Caitlin xxx