Lacanjá Jungle + More Ruins

I’m back in the states, unpacked and have consistent WiFi so I’m catching you guys up on my trip to Mexico!

After we spent a few days in Palenque, we traveled to where we were filming the documentary about the Lacandones in the Lacanjá jungle from Monday until Thursday.


During our time there, we took time to explore the Bonampak ruins and took a boat out to Yaxchilan ruins, but the majority of our time was spent in the jungle and seeing the Lacandones’ everyday lifestyle. 

The ruins were breathtaking and so cool, but I really enjoyed whacking my way through the jungle with a machete 😉 Using chicken heads as bait to catch our next meal was definitely an experience as well!


Before we left the jungle, we helped pick tomatoes for them to take back to the community to sell.3A9A3798-E1FC-405E-BDF5-44229F686F16Thursday evening we left to go back to Palenque. Friday morning we walked the streets of Palenque and bought some souvenirs before going to our hotel in Villahermosa to be closer to the airport. Saturday morning we left to go to the airport at 5:30am to go to Mexico City. From Mexico City, we flew to Dallas International airport, then finally from Dallas to RDU.

Once I arrived back home, I didn’t realize how much I missed American bathrooms, cold water, fruit and salad haha. This trip was such a cool experience that I will always be grateful for. The Lacandones are some of the nicest people I have ever met, and actually being able to put myself in their shoes and completely remove myself from my comfort zone is something I will always be thankful for and remember.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx