Curbside Coffee

If you know me, you know I love going to coffee shops for so many reasons. When stepping into a coffee shop, things just seem to slow down more. People visiting with each other, usually jazz music playing in the background and senior adults catching up on what’s going on in the world by reading newspapers.

I have always LOVED sitting in coffee shops and taking in everything around me and people watching. Due to what’s happening in the world, sitting in coffee shops is something that can’t be done. But supporting coffee shops can be done to allow us to go back to enjoying our cup of joe at our fav local cafe when this is all over with.

Never again will I take for granted walking into a coffee shop, smelling the fresh coffee brewing, talking to the baristas and saying good morning to the senior adults who are drinking their black coffee while reading the newspaper. I’m waiting for the days where it’s okay to sit in a coffee shop and soak in all of these things, but until that happens, support your local coffee shops however you can.


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