Last LDOC Celebration

Can and can’t believe that today was my last Last Day of Class ever! It seems like I’ve been in college for so long, but then it also seems like it was just a little while ago that I was sitting in orientation and hadn’t even started college yet.

Even though coronavirus cut all seniors’ experiences short, I couldn’t be more grateful for my time at my university and the opportunities that came with it. Before going on about college memories, I’ll save that for my college graduation post 😉 

Yesterday was a super exciting, overwhelming and shocking day for me. I found out yesterday morning that I made an A on my statistics final (I’m not a math person at all so that was a shock), and then yesterday evening I was awarded with the Outstanding Graduate Award for Communications, which COMPLETELY shocked me.

There’s obviously no way I can forget about what coronavirus is doing around the world and in the community, and my heart goes out to everyone who has been effected, so don’t think I’ve forgotten about everything while being excited in these moments.

But I am so thankful that my time as a William Peace University Pacer is ending with accomplishments that I worked my bum off for for many years. I’m still trying to process being given the award and passing statistics.

Since there’s a stay-at-home order, my family and I had a little picnic in the park to celebrate my last day of class. Perfect weather and Panera Bread is always a win. Now we’re watching Ghost Hunters and set the DVR for the Jane Goodall special to watch later 🙂

Are any of you seniors celebrating your last day of class? Or celebrating accomplishments? Put them in the comments below! And Happy Earth Day!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx