The Last of College

One more final and one more paper to go until I have my Bachelor’s degree! I was excited about graduating, which I still am, but now that it’s here the anxiety is kicking in.

One of my favorite parts of college, was taking notes in class with new pens and a coffee sitting on my desk. I would usually get so caught up in taking notes that I didn’t have time to drink my coffee while it was still hot and would manage to make it last for hours haha. But the smell of it sitting on my desk was relaxing to me.

Today is my last final in college ever, so I’m keeping the note taking and coffee routine going, even though I’m doing it in a more comfy spot now. Since I’m graduating during the quarantine and learned how to make whipped coffee in quarantine, thought I would end my college journey by drinking whipped coffee to keep the quarantine theme going.

I have always known what I wanted to do after graduation, but everything being up in the air and not knowing where I’ll wind up is stressful. Trying to take everything one step at a time. Here’s to never having to take a college exam ever again after this one!

Hope you all are still staying safe.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx