I Graduated

Can’t believe that I have my Bachelor’s Degree and am finished with undergrad! Also can’t believe I forgot to post about graduating haha!

Saturday was suppose to be when I graduated from William Peace University, but because of COVID19, just like all the other graduations, it’s been postponed. That doesn’t take away the hard work the class of 2020 put in or the fact that we still earned our degree.

I celebrated with a small group of friends by having a picnic on the Main Lawn of the university while social distancing. Given the circumstances, we still made it into a memorable day.

My four years of college were challenging, stressful, full of many all-nighters, and tears, but it was all worth it. And of course there were tons of fun memories as well.

I can’t believe I won’t sit in lecture halls anymore, taking notes, and trying to down my coffee to stay awake, or stay in the Communication lab to work on projects for hours and hours.

As a Com major focusing on journalism, it’s not surprising that the highlight of my college journey was writing for William Peace University’s publication, The Peace Times, for all four years. Instead of writing for The Peace Times, I’m off to write my own chapter.


Peace out, Peace ✌🏻

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx