Bedroom Update

Being at home and having more time called for a little room update. Everything I bought for my room is linked here and I’ll also share the info with each picture. Some things I was given and don’t know where they came from, other things I’ve had for a while, but I’ll link what I can or the closest thing to it.




Lamp and mini side table: Target

Mug: Anthropologie

Plant: Target

The plants were recently put out for the spring collection, so they should have plenty in stock.

Of course the books are ones I’ve already read from Barnes & Noble (I have lots).




Pillows: Target

I love how they give the room a pop of color.

My bedspread has been passed down to me. I used to not use it, but since the whole vintage/boho look has come back, I use it and love it.

Fur blanket: Target. It’s big enough to cover the bed or have folded at the end.



IMG_0471 Shelf: Lowes

It’s a 2 foot shelf that came with the brackets and anchors already. We just hung it up right over the bed for more room to put things.

Wall plant box: Target

Individual hanging plants: Target 

Lights: Target 



Full length mirror: Lowes

This room seems so much bigger now and is perfect for a space to relax in. All of these things are linked and are available to shop directly from here.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx